Le Mat Snake village

Le Mat Snake village

Le Mat has had its tradition of catching snakes for long life in Viet Hung ward, Long Bien district, Hanoi city, Vietnam. This place has been famous for the tradition of catching and breeding snakes for more than 1000 years. Le Mat Snake village associates with the legend of the fairy about conquering the aquatic monster having the giant snake shape of Mr. Hoang in Le Mat village in the reign of King Ly Thai Tong (1030-1070).
Le Mat Snake festival

Le Mat Snake festival

To express their gratitude for the young man, the villagers constructed a temple at the edge of the Southern of the village and on the southern bank of the Duong river, respected him as God. On March (lunar calendar) every year, a population of Thirteen farming villages and tourists from everywhere not only attend the festival but also commemorate and honor the visitorsng man with the local people. Every year from 20th to 24th of March (lunar year), the village was ornately decorated with full of flags, candles and incense.
Le mat snake village has some snake farm to supply snake for all snake restaurant

Snake farm

The way of breeding: The way of making cages and foster care, choosing and caring reproductive snakes, techniques of brooding snake eggs, techniques of breeding baby snakes
How to catch Snakes

How to catch Snakes

Catching snakes is a primary profession in Le Mat village in which the majority of people live by catching snakes. Most of people here from children, women or the elderly all can catch snakes. The tools for catching the snake are very simply, with bags for storing snakes and spade to find snakes...
Snake bite streatment

Le Mat snake bite streatment

Snakes contain extremely toxic, therefore, when being bitten by snake we should have timely manner, fastest and efficient treatment.
Traditional Snakes wine in Le Mat snake village

Traditional Snakes wine in Le Mat snake village

According to the elders in the Le Mat villageof said, snake wine soaked and used correctly is very good for health, especially help men increase physical snake wine usually divided into one cobra snake in one bottle, three different kinds of snake including cobra + kraits + bamboo snake and five snakes including cobra, kraits, bamboo snake, rat snake, buffalo snake. Snakes also can soak with herbs.
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