Le Mat snake bite streatment

Le Mat snake bite streatment
Snakes contain extremely toxic, therefore, when being bitten by snake we should have timely manner, fastest and efficient treatment.

Snakes contain extremely toxic, therefore, when being bitten by snake we should have timely manner, fastest and efficient treatment.

Toxic manifestations:

- In the region of the bite: Sore, swollen, can have black skin necrosis in region of being bitten (dead skin due to the venom), infection (swelling,fever and pustules). Snakebites of black and white-ringed krait, yellow and black-ringed krait are usually nothing special.

- Body: Much pain, trouble speaking, blurred vision, weak limbs, shortness of breath, paralyzed, arrhythmia, less urinary,... easy in death or disability the cause of death is mainly due to the paralysis causing shortness of breath.

The symptoms usually appear clearly immediately after being bitten, so the observation of victim is extremely important.

- Try to identify the species of snake: The color, size, head shape, how to attack, all of them are useful.

- Let victims lie without moving and calm down them; movement will make blood flow and transmit the deadly venom to heart more quickly.

- Fix limbs but not restrict the circulation of blood unless we know for sure that snake having venomous that impacts to the nerves.

-Loosen the clothing of victim and, if necessary, can take off the jewelry (rings, bracelets) in bitten area.

- Be necessary to closely monitor the respiratory status of victims. If victims breathe rapidly > 30 times/minute, weak, or appear purple lips, it must implement the artificial respiration immediately. As the leading reason of death is respiratory failure caused by paralysis of respiratory muscles, if not receiving the artificial respiration promptly, victims will die before reaching the hospital.

- If victims are deteriorated: wash with saline, use clean gauze to cover up, dress, and then move to the hospital.

- Take victims to hospital as soon as possible. If victims remain awake, it should be to move them to a large hospital, where venoms resistance-specific serum is available, because the serum should be taken soon, the best time is in 4 hours early. However, if victims are suspended dreams, coma or paralysis, they should be taken to the closest medical facility. My bring the snake had bitten victims to the medical facility for determining the fit venoms-resistance drug.


- Should not dress garo after being bitten because: Firstly, if it is tied blood if it is tied, blood can not reach the required position, making this part be easy necrosis. Secondly, in the hospital,when doctors unwrap the garo, toxins will at the same time towards the heart causing the patient be shock. Patients may die immediately.

- In addition, victims being bitten absolutely can not be covered by ice and absolutely not cover chemicals, medicines, leaves ... on bites.

- The best way after snakebite is trying squeeze as much as possible toxins, clean the wound, wrap tightly wound normally in order to not create pressure and cause bruising, or use the splint just as broken limbs.

- While transporting victims for emergency, it is necessary to let the bitten area be lower than the heart area.



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