Snake farm

Snake farm
The way of breeding: The way of making cages and foster care, choosing and caring reproductive snakes, techniques of brooding snake eggs, techniques of breeding baby snakes

The way of breeding

1. The way of making cages and foster care:

When breeding snake we often have to pay attention to make the cage so that the medium size for snake to live in comfort and good development.

- The cage should be 30 cm x 40 cm x 60 cm, by shelving brick, should have one snake in one cage.

- Location for  cage: Sheltered place to ensure the placement of ventilation, clean, sunshine should have in the morning through the door.

- Do not put too much prey for snake at the same time because we can’t check redundant food so it makes costly and polluting.

- In the breeding process, must regularly check daily of snake food, and snake’s health, if have the disease can be detected promptly and treated.

- Their main food is the toad, clones and small water snake, prey must alive. Moreover, snakes only eat 2-3 times per week, food quantity increases with age.

-  Water for snakes: Best we should provide adequate cool water for drinking daily and must replaced every day. Bulbs should be placed in room to snakes be adapt to the light and make warm temperatures (in the winter) and make cool temperatures in the summer.

le mat snake farm


2. Choosing and caring reproductive snakes:

The parental snake very important and significant impact on the quality of the latter snakes so have to select carefully, first we must distinguish males and females by observing:

- Male snakes: Almost identical for triangular shape, large tail and white belly.

- Female snakes: Round shape, shiny colors and many black border below the belly.

- The process of growth and development must undergo skin peeling, serpent skin time 20-25 days and continue to replace skin during the development, a female snake from the hatch until reproduction from 9 -10 months. After changing skin if provided adequate food, foster care good, snakes the growth rate could increase 2-3 times faster, so it should be mentioned at this point to take advantage of feeding so can grow the fastest.

- Time after insemination about 30 to 35 days. A female can lays between 12-21 eggs

le mat snake farm   le mat snake farm


3. Techniques of brooding snake eggs:
- Instruments of brooding snake eggs: A jar, take soil humidity levels drop to 25-30 ½ jar, then handle tightly, followed by 01 more widely spread thin layer of sand and left eggs in, bags or cloth covering jar, about 65-75 days after hatching itself.

- When of brooding snake eggs should have several times to check, if found have white eggs, dry are good eggs, the dull yellow fruit is egg broken shell to remove immediately.

- Hot weather: Fans for decreasing temperature

- Cold weather: Use an electric bulb light up to makes heat up

- By this method is very effective, eggs hatch rate reached 80 - 85%.
le mat snake farm  le mat snake farm


4. Techniques of breeding baby snakes

- Baby snakes put into the nursery (with a clean towel between warm, should rather difficult 2 day 1 time). Give them water for 7 days after replacing skin.





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