The Hung Snake restaurant was founded in 1997. The restaurant is mostly made by good wood, eight roofs with ancient features by the famous sculptor. The family-restaurant model is warm, friendly, intimacy and hospitality. The profession of catching, breeding and processing snakes have been preserved through four generations, so we can be proud of being one of the few restaurant having the oldest tradition in the village with ancient values. Coming here, visitors will enjoy many kinds of snake like Cobras, Krait and Coluber. The special thing is that 100% types of snake are wild hunted by family members or bought from the people in the village, therefore, the taste is very characteristic which no restaurant can have through traditional processing.

Located on the main road among Le Mat village, the restaurant is very close to the communal house in the village, only about 50m (2-3 minutes for walk), so it is very convenient for visitors to walk out visiting the ancient village with more than 1,000 years of civilization. Moreover, around the restaurant is the local people famous for catching snakes, tourists can visit and explore.

The Hung restaurant is about 6 km from Hoan Kiem lake, Hanoi. Go through Chuong Duong brigde and Nguyen Van Cu street, visitors will go to Chui bridge, then turn right to Nguyen Van Linh street and turn left to Le Mat's communal house visitors will see the restaurant.

When coming here, visitors will see many kinds of snakes, they also can hold and play with coluber, and snake’s breeding place and the way how to catch snakes. Then visitors will select one of the types of snakes like Cobras, Krait and Coluber..., then the home owner will manually retrieve the snake's heart, blood, and gall mixing with rice wine cooked by the restaurant and then visitors can see directly how to process snake. There are many different dishes made by snake, visitors usually enjoy 11 traditional dishes such as: snake-egg soup, snake bones fried eaten with dry pancake, lemongrass and chilli snake, grilled snake, spring rolls snake, grilled chopped snake with guise leaves, crispy fried snake skin, hearts, livers sauteed pineapple, snake sticky rice, snake boiled ginger and snake gruel.

During the meal, each dish will be hot, very aromatic and delicious, and visitors will enjoy more than 10 kinds of wines from snakes, penis, egg, tail and head of snake,...etc, which all are soaked from 3-10 years, which is very nutritious to health. Especially penis snake wine of more than 500 penis Cobra is very fit and well for the health of the male guests.

The restaurant also is proud of receiving the excellence award on the Trip Advisor website (the largest travel sites over the world) and ranked 6/1371 restaurants in Hanoi through the vote of the tourists by 2015.

Snake village Snake village

Ha noi snake village Snake village in ha noi 

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