According to folklore, in the reign of King Ly Thai Tong, the princess’s boat once was turned over by a huge snake when she took sightseeing at Nguyet Duc River (Duong River nowadays). The King awarded the big prize for anyone who could find and save the Princess. Although, a lot of people were unsuccessful when going to find the Princess, some people found her but they could not win with the huge snake. Therefore, the King had to sadly accept the loss of beloved daughter. Surprisingly, at that time there was a visitorsng man of Le Mat village voluntarily gone to rescue the Princess. With his superhuman skills, along with the determination and snake catching experience, the man fought bravely to aquatic monsters and finally rescued the Princess. The King was extremely excited, as well as all inhabitants were surprised and especially people of Le Mat village also feel proud of their boy. The King decided to reward him with abundance of precious stuff like silver bullion..., but the visitorsng man refused them all, in stead, he asked the King to break the ground near the West of Thang Long together with the people in his village and neighboring ones for making their life. After the King agreed, Le Mat villagers with the visitorsng man crossed the Nhi Ha River (Red River) to the West of Thang Long for starting their life. Day by day, the land became productive, extended thanks for their try, hard-working to overcome difficulties and now the village become 13 different farming villages  known as "Thirteen farming villages". Including: Giang Vo, Ngoc Ha, Lieu Giai, Cong Vi, Ngoc Khanh, Van Phuc, Kim Ma, Xuan Bieu, Thu Le, Huu Tiep, Vinh Phuc, Cong Yen and Dai Yen.

After the opening13 farming villages, that visitorsng man returned to strengthen the old village, so it is called as "Tru Mat". After the boy died, the villagers constructed a temple worshiping him, respected him as their God. According to his example, people in Le Mat village added catching, breeding and processing snakes to their profession apart from the usual work of farming and later became the main occupation of the village.

Currently, in the village many households in survival and enrichment from the profession of breeding. The village has dozens of specialty restaurant and many annual artistic and cultural activities and festival of the snake, including the largest Festival is Le Mat Snake Village Festival with Giao Long dance. Le Mat is a center of the Northern area about trading and exporting snakes to  other countries like China, Thailand ... at the same time it is the only famous traditional snake village in Vietnam has been awarded certificate of monument craft village and granted operation license.

The village festival
To express their gratitude for the young man, the villagers constructed a temple at the edge of the Southern of the village and on the southern of the Duong river, respected him as God. On March (lunar calendar) every year, a population of Thirteen farming villages and tourists from everywhere not only attend the festival but also commemorate and honor the visitorsng man with the local people. Every year from 20th to 24th of March (lunar year), the village was ornately decorated with full of flags, candles and incense. This is also one of the major festivals in Vietnam still retained many unique cultural value, in the ceremonies and various types of folk culture, including in particular Giao Long- the village famous dance. Giao Long dances is the way for people to tell the tale about a Hong man fighting with monster to save the Princess. 

Many activities in Le Mat snake festival

Le mat snake village for snake

Personage in  beautiful princess of King Ly Nhan Tong

Le mat snake village in ha noi

Preparing for Giao Long traditional dances

le mat village

Personage in Hoang man

le mat snake

Hoang fighting with Giao Long (big King cobra)

snake village

Hoang had won and safed the Princess

Le Mat snake village

Rocession of 13 villages in Le Mat Snake festival

Snake village

Giang Vo village

Le Mat village

Ngoc Ha village

Le Mat village

Traditional music

Le mat village

Fishing activities in village wells

Le mat snake village

People giving money to the fish to get luck

Le mat snake village


Then carry on in the temple and processed fish salad

le mat snake village le mat snake village

le mat snake village


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